Fundraising Spreadsheet Tool

This Fundraising Spreadsheet is an excellent tool for managing and tracking your Group's progress towards its 2023 Fundraising Goal!

The spreadsheet includes the following tools:
  1. An easy way to view:
    • Total Product Sales
    • Total Product Costs (including Shipping & GreenZit)
    • and Total Profits!

  2. Track Progress towards your Fundraising Goals with the Bar Charts included in this tool!  These are great motivational tools for your members.

  3. This spreadsheet contains the information you will need to complete your Guesstimate, Final order, and your HGP Organizational Order Form.

The 2023 Fundraising Spreadsheet:

Spreadsheet for 1-50 members
Spreadsheet for 50-100 members
Spreadsheet for 100-200 members
Spreadsheet for 200-300 members
Note: this spreadsheet requires Microsoft Excel or compatible application
A free alternative to Excel and Microsoft Office is OpenOffice.